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Blogging with Valarie Adams

by Valarie Adams on 06/29/17

June 29, 2017

Hi All, This is Valarie Adams, I am the lead Vocalist of the Dimension Band and of BT Express. I have been performing top R & B music in the New York/ New Jersey area for many, many years!

I started this blog because I have lost over 95 pds and so many people ask me how.

I started this blog because I want to use this platform to educate, motivate and encourage you to do the same. I want to use this platform to help you love you! Right where you are right now, I thought that loosing the weight would make me love me, "If" I could love me more was not happening. Each week, we will meet here and help each other live the life God has us to live, we will learn that what other people think of us is not our business, What do you think of You?

Be well Beloved!


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